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    Volunteer Recognition

    Volunteer Recognition

    Interfaith Hospitality Network is the shelter that keeps families together...everyday....every season.

    Being a family during the summer means going to camp, picking vegetables, splashing in the pool and eating hot dogs. The days are just as long for the families of IHN and the sun is just as warm.

    There is a saying that goes, "Only God can make a tree, but I'm in charge of seeds and weeds." That is the role IHN volunteers play every night. Nurturing the seeds of potential within IHN’s families.

    Weeding out doubt.

    Thanks to your care, IHN's kids will not remember 2013 as the summer they were homeless. They will remember 2013 as the summer they came home. 


    Recent News

    Our PetSmart Promise space is officially open for business! This brand new kennel space helps us keep the WHOLE family together. Pets can now walk side-by-side with the families who love them as they journey out of homelessness. Check out the story here.

    Fox 19 featured one of IHN's beautiful, strong and brave families. Let us never forget how very hard homelessness is on our little ones and the parents who love them - or the important role your care plays in bringing them home. Click here for the story.

    Another IHNGC family stably housed! Read a heart-warming snippet of BJ & Stephanie's family and their successes after leaving shelter and becoming a part of our Permanent Supportive Housing Program.

    More Homeless Families Means Strain on Shelters... Mark Curnutte and the Cincinnati Enquirer recently covered the pressing issue of increasing instances of family homelessness. An IHNGC family was featured in this story.